Car Care at your Convenience   


Skip the car shops and dealerships. We are MOBILE automotive mechanics whose mission is to service you and your vehicle the most convenient way for you. We come to you, rain or shine, stranded on the road or at your home. 


Whether it is an oil change, timing belt, or a complete motor rebuild, we make sure the repair is done quickly and efficiently. Your satisfaction is our main priority and we want you to feel safe and comfortable driving in your vehicle.


We offer many services to help maintain your vehicles as conveniently as possible. We offer EMERGENCY roadside assistance, mobile mechanic services, mobile car detailing, and towing. All of which you can call or schedule with the convenience of our app. All of our employees are hand picked to help insure you get the quality work and care of your vehicle.


Any day. Any time.

AutoDoc was designed to provide convenience and affordability to our customers and our technicians. The AutoDoc app platform is designed to create ease and adequate service to  your vehicles repairs and  maintenance at your convenience. 

AutoDoc is aimed to take the hassle and stress out of maintaining your vehicles and keep them running on the road without hurting your wallet. We aim to save you time, save you money, and save you the headache of worrying about your vehicle, all while providing quality service at an affordable rate.

AutoDoc knows that we all depend on our vehicles daily. That is why we want to make sure your vehicle is well taken care of. That’s where we come in. We provide all types of services to ensure your vehicle is at it’s best. 

By providing service like Repairs & Maintenance, Wash & Detailing, Road Side Assistance Emergencies, and Towing, we have all your on the road needs covered.

Your satisfaction is our main priority. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in your vehicle all by pressing a button and having the technician come to you. We are always looking to please and develop our service to better convenience you!

Meet the Team

Meet the Owner


Taylor & Roy Evans

Taylor and Roy Evans have lived in Asheville, NC most of their life. Taylor was a former teacher, who is now a stay at home mom with 3 beautiful kids to watch over. Roy is an Auto Mechanic had has been for most of his life.


Together they formed an idea that would be more convenient for mechanics and for daily people who needed their vehicle serviced.


 " AutoDoc was created to offer on-demand auto services. Including repairs, emergency roadside assistance, and auto detailing. AutoDoc is made up of a network of skilled technicians that provide these services on-demand, in their free time, 24/7. AutoDoc facilitates the connection between these technicians and consumers in need of an auto service. Essentially AutoDoc is to be the Uber of automotive care."

Roy - Technician

  • 20+ years experience in automotive industry
  • Husband & Father or 5
  • Enjoys spending time with family, building custom cars, and going to church

Cars have always been my passion. I started working on people's cars because I love to help people. I want people to feel safe in their vehicle, feel like they got a great price, and give them the convenience that life calls for now.

Taylor - Washer